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Noirefy is a diversity advancement platform that connects diverse professionals with high growth companies. 

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We know that the diversity pipeline exists! Which is why we are building a pipeline of the best diverse professionals in the US.

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Diverse representation is just the first step to a more equal workforce. We work with companies who are investing in cultural inclusion so that minority professionals feel more secure in the workplace.

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Why We Do It

Finding a new career can be a crazy journey – but finding a career at the wrong company that doesn’t align with your values can become terrifying. This is a journey that is all too familiar to minority professionals at every level of their career journey. From the job search, to the interview, to landing the gig, to STAYING at the gig and moving up – the journey can be exhausting.
Throughout that journey, candidates shouldn’t have to shield who they are to meet the needs or requirements of most corporate companies. Most corporate companies aren’t recognizing the gaps or disadvantages placed on minority professionals throughout the hiring and employment process. This has led to consistent gaps in diversity at corporations across the U.S.
Luckily, we’ve built Noirefy to help both sides of this problem. Noirefy connects diverse professionals to high growth startups and Fortune 500 companies using data, honest peer reviews, and a job matching portal to increase diversity and inclusiveness nationally.
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